During the Central Works Commitee that took place on March 18th, Unions representatives approved the choice of the new name of KME France SAS which retrieves its historic and iconic name : Tréfimétaux.

The new name of the company will be Tréfimétaux SAS. Its future trademarks will be Tréfimétaux or TMX: it will depend on the country where the company is settled.

Quickly becoming the number two in copper tube production in Europe

Tréfimétaux SAS reaches 270 million euro of turnover with 600 employees in France and Italy. With the Cupori plant in Finland, the group aims to quickly become the number 2 of the copper tubes industry in Europe and a major player in the copper rods sector. The global reputation of the Tréfimétaux brand, but also the will to prioritize customer satisfaction, are real assets to achieve these goals.

The new company’s slogan “the history of copper”, emphasizes the historical roots and the experience twice centenary of the three plants of the company : Givet in the Ardennes, Niederbruck in Alsace and Serravalle Scrivia in Italy. With this slogan, the company wants to demonstrate the will to sustain and develop these sites in the future.

A new logo to promote the “Made in France”
The new logo is a brought-up-to-date version of the old one : the red color is a symbol of power, strength and performance, recalling the color of copper. The dark blue line ensures continuity between the past and the future and is the reflection of the reactivity of the company.

Associated with these two colors, the white background recalls the “Made in France” and promotes especially the maintenance of the copper industry in this country.

The brand deployment will be gradually implemented in the coming weeks.

Press contact :
Pierre Le Texier
01 48 24 04 50

About Tréfimétaux SAS :
Tréfimétaux SAS was born from the partnership agreement in the capital of the French company KME France SAS between European Copper Tubes (ECT), a subsidiary of CUPORI and KME AG. The group has 3 factories in Europe, which must be added to the Cupori factory in Finland.