The qualities of copper

  • Electrical conductivity
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Environmentally friendly

Copper is the best conductor of electricity after silver.
Copper tubes are thin and more discreet than steel or plastic fittings.
Copper is fully recycled, so it contributes to preserving the environment and our natural resources.
It is part of a process of sustainable development and the environmental policy of the building industry.
Copper is also the first material that is used in piping in both water sanitation and heating systems to receive an Environmental and Health Declaration.

Copper eliminates 95% of bacteria *

Both in collective and private housing, sanitation systems can be a breeding ground for legionella. Currently no piping system offers total protection against bacteria, and it is harder for these organisms to develop in copper tubes.

  • First observation : it is very difficult to keep bacteria alive once they’ve entered a copper tube. The repeated injection of bacteria in doses much higher than those of other materials has been required.
  • Second observation : the affect of temperature. From 25 °C (output mixer tap), copper has an effect that other materials do not share.
    This temperature induces no favorable effect with stainless steel, PER and the PVC-c, while bacteria are no longer detectable in a copper network.

The only passive protection for domestic use
For domestic installations where the temperature of the hot water must not exceed 50 °C from the bathroom tap and 60 °C in other rooms (2), this KIWA study clearly shows that the choice of material is important.
Legionella bacteria have actually been regularly detected in recent years in private systems and, in some cases in the Netherlands, it was a matter of identification as well as source of infection.

Although the risk for domestic installations is not considered important by authorities, in this context, copper may well be considered an effective passive protection.

(2) According to the judgment. 30 November 2005 published in the OG of 15 December 2005.