Anti corrosion copper tube for hot and cold domestic water; distribution of combustible liquids and gases

Temper Annealed Half hard Hard
6×1 x x
8×1 x x
10×1 x x
12×1 x x x
14×1 x x x
15×1 x x x
16×1 x x x
18×1 x x x
22×1 x x x
28×1 x x
32×1 x
35×1 x
40×1 x
42×1 x
42×1,2 x
52×1 x
54×1 x
54×1,2 x
54×1,5 x
64×2 x
76,1×2 x
88,9×2 x
108×2,5 x

Can be used

Hot and cold drinking water
Distribution of combustible liquids and gases
Radiant panels

Product Coils Straights tubes
Designation R220 220 40%
Minimum tensile strength (N/mm²) R250 250 20%
Minimum elongation at break R290 290 3%
Characteristics Values
Alloy Cu DHP – CW024A
Standard NF EN 1057
NF certification yes
linear thermal expansion coefficient 0,0166 mm/m.°C
Thermal conductivity à 20 °C = 364 W/m.°C
Absolute Roughness μ= 0,0015 mm
Carbone residues annealed ≤ 0,06 mg / dm²
half hard ≤ 0,10 mg / dm²
hard ≤ 0,10 mg / dm²
Completely impermeable to gases, resistant to UV ray
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SCUDO®: quality pure

It is composed of refined copper, that is to say practically pure (Cu DHP 99.9% min.)
and as such it is certified by Tréfimétaux. SCUDO® offer, through a patented production process, higher quality requirements of standards and regulations and has, therefore, better performance than copper tubes that are commonly found in the market.
Its thermal conductivity and high pressure resistance make it absolutely safe and reliable for different types of installation. The copper pipe produced by Tréfimétaux receive a patented passivation treatment and stabilization of the inner wall. Their performance, durability and reliability help ensure 30 years.