The history of Tréfimétaux

Tréfimétaux was created in the 60s. From 1987 to March 2016, it was part of the KME group and since May 2007 it has gone by the name KME France. In April 2016, Tréfimétaux returns to its original name and brings together the sites in Courbevoie, Givet, Niederbruck and Seravalle Scrivia in Italy.


The birth of Tréfimétaux through a merger between the Compagnie Française des Métaux (founded in 1892) and the Tréfileries et Laminoirs du Havre (founded in 1907).


Merger and acquisition of Tréfimétaux by the Pechiney Group. Tréfimétaux establishes the copper division of the Pechiney Group and represents 8% of its business.


Tréfimétaux focuses its efforts on mechanical products and ends those activities no longer in line with its business strategy. In 1980, the cable production business is sold to Pirelli.


Tréfimétaux restructures : substantial investments are implemented to improve productivity and process reliability, along with a progressive and significant downsizing from 6 000 to 2 500 people. The factories of Le Havre and Dives sur Mer are closed.


The Italian company SMI, already operates in copper, acquires 100% of Tréfimétaux with Pechiney. This merger results in the creation of a large European industrial group specialising in copper processing. A multi-year investment plan of 100 million francs was then undertaken for Tréfimétaux.


The company Cuivre et Alliage, a subsidiary of Tréfimétaux since 1987, became a separate division.


The Italian Company “SMI” Società Metallurgica Italiana SpA acquires through its subsidiary “Europa Metalli SpA” the majority of KM-Kabelmetal shares and becomes the world’s first copper transformer.


Tréfimétaux reorganizes his rolled products division and consolidating its distribution activities in France.


A common management structure is established within Europa Metalli and Tréfimétaux. It is built around three operating divisions, grouping together homogeneous production and sales (tubes, brass rods and copper and rolled products).


Tréfimétaux SA (France), Europa Metalli SpA (Italy) and KM-Kabelmetal AG (Germany), three companies operating for a long time within the European copper industry, merge to form KME, a subsidiary 100% held by the SMI.


SMI increases its shareholding in KME AG.


SMI holds 100% of the capital of KME AG.


The Brass Rods sector becomes a subsidiary. The French subsidiary is renamed Tréfimétaux Brass SAS.


Financial holding SMI was renamed KMEGroup SpA.


In order to strengthen its company image of a fully integrated European Group, KME Group decides to adopt the KME® brand for all its subsidiaries. As of 1 May 2007, Tréfimétaux SA becomes KME France SAS S.A.S and Tréfimétaux Brass becomes KME Brass France SAS.


European Copper Tubes (ECT) Ltd, the mother company of Cupori and KME AG, sign a partnership agreement at the end of December 2015 for a stake in the French company KME France S.A.S. This agreement gives rise to a great European industrial player within the tube and copper rod industries thanks to the development of new industrial synergies in industrial expertise, research and development.

This agreement is limited to the French plants of Givet and Niederbruck and their related activities in tubes (Givet) and copper rods (Niederbruck). It also concerns the tube-related activity carried out in the Italian plant of Seravalle Scrivia, a division of KME Italy S.p.A.