In March 2016, European Copper Tubes (ECT) Ltd, the mother company of Cupori and KME AG, implemented the agreement for the purchase of the part of stake in KME France S.A.S. This agreement gave rise to a great European industrial player within the tube and copper rod industries thanks to the development of new industrial synergies in industrial expertise, research and development. The agreement is limited to the French plants in Givet and Niederbruck and the Italian plant of Seravalle Scrivia.

The four plants (with the addition of Finland) of the new group are intended to be sustained and developed. These strategic sites concentrate years of unique expertise in copper metallurgy, like Givet and Niederbruck, where metal has been worked for over two centuries.

With two plants in France and one in Italy, 600 employees and a consolidated annual turnover of 270 million euro, the new company will focus on industrial synergies with Cupori OY in order to meet the needs of European markets and to conquer new ones.
The new name of the company is Tréfimétaux SAS, and Tréfimétaux or TMX as commercial brands, depending on the country where the company has a presence.

The company’s new slogan “the history of copper”, emphasizing the historical roots and the two centuries of experience of the company’s three plants: Givet in the Ardennes, Niederbruck in Alsace and Serravalle Scrivia in Italy. With this slogan, the company wants to demonstrate its desire to sustain and develop these sites in the future.

Manufacturing and building are the two main applications of Tréfimétaux copper products, which are manufactured under the ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Our drawn copper and copper tubes offer quality solutions, adapted to the requirements of the electrical, electronics, connector and IT industries, as well as the automobile, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors.

Construction products offer a wide choice in terms of dimensions, surface aspects and packaging, and they meet the needs of many market segment heating and gas.